HP 2133 Mini-Note PC

HP 2133 Mini-Note getting XP install option in mid-May
While there's of course nothing to stop you from doing a fresh install of Windows XP on your brand new HP 2133 Mini-Note yourself (assuming you're actually able to get your hands on one), those looking for a simpler solution will apparently be able to get their fix in mid-May, which is when the company will reportedly start to offer XP pre-installed on the ultraportable. What's more, according to Laptop Magazine, there could also be a fully configurable version available "in the coming weeks or months," although exact details on that possibility apparently haven't quite firmed up yet.

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC misses ship date for pre-orderers
Say it ain't so! Just a week after HP's totally adorable 2133 Mini-Note PC popped online for purchase, we've received word that pre-orderers aren't going to be seeing their new machine quite as soon as originally expected. Reportedly, HP has sent out notifications to customers who pre-ordered to let them know that their lappies won't be shipping today as promised, but there's no word on how long the delay will last. Hang in there, subnote lovers -- a tracking number is bound to come soon (er, we hope).

Update: Some commenters are claiming that their unit did in fact ship today -- just keep those fingers crossed that you get lucky.